What happened at the 2014 World Congress in Frankfurt?

The XX World Congress for Safety and Health at Work 2014 is now over. You can find reports on the events at the World Congress on our website, together with images, background reports and videos from all parts of the Congress. We look forward to receiving a wealth of comments from you.


World Congress 2014 wins award

The XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 has won the BlachReport Event Award 2015 in the Corporate Event category. The contributions of the DGUV and of 3c Creative Communication Concepts GmbH in their capacities of event organizer and consulting agency respectively comfortably beat all other entrants for the nomination, receiving 45.04 […]

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“We love prevention”

3,980 participants from 143 countries: this is more people than have ever before taken part in a World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. They experienced four days full of highlights, stimulating discussions, visual impressions and interactive offerings.

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With enthusiasm and passion on the way towards Vision Zero

Singapore invites guests to the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in 2017 – “A culture of prevention on a global scale, with Vision Zero as target, can only be achieved when all countries work together,” said Congress President Dr Walter Eichendorf as his closing statement for the four-day event in Frankfurt. The XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 made it clear that each culture can contribute its own values and solutions to the issues involved in occupational safety and health. The world community must learn to accept that there can be no universal solution, he emphasized. Only by tapping the potential of each country can a common culture of prevention be developed that has a chance of thriving on both the regional and local levels.

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A platform for lively exchanges – the Poster Exhibition

What hazards lurk in the workplace for a gold miner in Zimbabwe, a bus driver in Malaysia or a pregnant woman in Madrid? World Congress participants found out the answer at the Poster Exhibition in Hall 3. Experts from across the globe illustrated their areas of interest vividly on large posters, divided into ten areas such as “Prevention pays off!”, “Lifelong learning” and “Vulnerable groups”.

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Popcorn and OSH

The curtain is raised on the International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP)! Monday midday – and a seminar room in the Congress Centre at Frankfurt Trade Fair has been transformed into a cinema, with a “Cinema” sign even hanging in neon lighting above the door. The scent of popcorn wafts through the foyer at the 2014 World Congress. Many of the international guests are delighted to receive a bag of popcorn from the fair hostesses on their way into the cinema. There was record participation in the IMFP, with 290 submissions from 33 countries.

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Networking for prevention

 In just a few hours, the XX World Congress on Safety and Health will come to an end. What will remain? Room 5 in the Congress Centre is buzzing with murmuring voices. “Networking as a driving force for prevention” is the topic of the symposium, with lively moderation by Dr Ulrike Bollmann from the Institute […]

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An over-ambitious goal?

Creating a world of work without serious and fatal accidents – that is the goal of Vision Zero. But can this goal ever be achieved? Experts from all over the world discussed this issue at the symposium “What is needed to make Vision Zero a success in OSH and road safety?”

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