Popcorn and OSH

The curtain is raised on the International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP)! Monday midday – and a seminar room in the Congress Centre at Frankfurt Trade Fair has been transformed into a cinema, with a “Cinema” sign even hanging in neon lighting above the door. The scent of popcorn wafts through the foyer at the 2014 World Congress. Many of the international guests are delighted to receive a bag of popcorn from the fair hostesses on their way into the cinema. There was record participation in the IMFP, with 290 submissions from 33 countries.

media1aVisitors had the opportunity to watch the videos throughout the Congress – often in the presence of the directors and producers. According to the motto “Media can”, the films show why media are important for effective occupational safety and health and what they can contribute.

To kick off, two productions on the topic of workplace ergonomics were screened on Monday (25 August): the Austrian film “Screenlove” and the German production “Die Kampagne: Nicos Rücken (Nico’s back campaign)”. The next film deals with stress – “Der Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus)”, which won an IMFP Media Award. And last but not least, a film on accident risks – “Système D comme Didier (System D, like Didier)”, from France.

“Screenlove” and “Système D comme Didier” were both made in the style of a soap opera. Several episodes each guide two new protagonists through the topic of occupational safety and health. In “Screenlove”, the young couple meet at the office of a newspaper publisher, where the charming young lady journalist starts to give her slightly chaotic colleague tips on how to behave in a healthy way at the workplace. From adjusting the office chair to the right kind of lighting – short explanatory videos interrupt the love story. This is how the combination of entertainment and OHS functions – as it does in France too: “Système D comme Didier” goes a step further, promoting safe behaviour not only at the workplace but also in people’s private lives. The camera accompanies the young French couple while sunbathing, cooking and working in the garden.

“Nicos Rücken” is of a different ilk. With the aid of humorously designed animated figures that are swept on and off the slides by a human hand we learn step by step such things as the structure of the spine and how to maintain a healthy back at work.

Monotonous work and a lack of variety can cause stress, as is shown by the film “Der Weihnachtsmann” from Germany, which uses both animation and actors. It is a short story, told with a portion of humour, progressing through three steps, from the description of the problem, to an interview, and then towards a solution. What solution does Father Christmas find for monotony? Take a look yourself! It’ll be worth it.

An international jury conferred the Media Award on six of the best films at the World Congress. The three best multimedia productions also received prizes.

The winners as well as all other contributions to the Media Festival can be watched in the media library at: www.issa.int/mediafestival2014.

Text: Bettina Bräuniger



International Media Festival for Prevention



  • How would you feel like if a loved one did not come home? 
    Vale, Brazil
  • Bayangkan (Imagine) 
    Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), Malaysia
  • Der Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus) 
    Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV), Germany
  • What comes first 
    LHS Foundation, Italy
  • Videohilsen ender i tragisk ulykke (Video greeting ends in tragic accident) 
    Branchearbejdsmiljørådet for service og tjenesteydelser, Denmark
  • This could be you 
    Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC), Singapore


Multimedia submissions

  • EKAS-Box (FCOS Box) 
    Eidgenössische Koordinationskommission für Arbeitssicherheit EKAS, Switzerland
  • Engagementgame (The Engagement Game) 
    Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), The Netherlands
  • Arbeidsmiljoeguiden (Working Environment Guide) 
    Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Norway

    The fims were so good. There are so many good ideas! Nice work ! BRAVO.
    good popcorn.:)

  2. Peter Rimmer

    We are delighted that you enjoyed the films, the Media Festival and the popcorn too! We tried hard to recreate the atmosphere of a cinema, and the films were certainly high quality.

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