A platform for lively exchanges – the Poster Exhibition

poster2What hazards lurk in the workplace for a gold miner in Zimbabwe, a bus driver in Malaysia or a pregnant woman in Madrid? World Congress participants found out the answer at the Poster Exhibition in Hall 3. Experts from across the globe illustrated their areas of interest vividly on large posters, divided into ten areas such as “Prevention pays off!”, “Lifelong learning” and “Vulnerable groups”.

Many visitors used the time between events to wander through the rows of posters and linger at those that seemed particularly compelling and thought-provoking. Just as at the Forum for Prevention, they encountered experts here with similar interests and shared their experiences and knowledge on the topics addressed. Congress participants who are afraid they might have missed an important theme in view of the large number of posters on view can browse through abstracts provided by the poster authors on the World Congress website at: Documentation

Text: Elena Engelhardt